Breastfeeding Friendly Pieces / With Jahna Barraclough

Breastfeeding Friendly Pieces / With Jahna Barraclough

Written by, Jahna Barraclough.

As a mother myself, I went along a breastfeeding journey that lasted 8 ½ months with my son. I found it really difficult to figure out my style again with all of the changes my body went through. I lost me. I could not find any quality core pieces that allowed me to breastfeed comfortably or pump. Once I went back to work full time after 5 months, I didn't want to look frumpy. 

If you are currently in this stage of life, I want to show you our top 5 LILA pieces  that you can wear throughout your breastfeeding journey. These are pieces that you can also wear after breastfeeding, so you know that you’re investing in a piece that can carry you through. With LILA by Liv, you won't be left stuck with something that you won't wear again, these pieces will move and grow with you. 

Maggie Shirt

The Maggie Shirt is my go-to! With a full button up front, you can discreetly feed or pump without having to shift your top too much and sacrifice your comfort.

A simple linen shirt is prefect for all occasions with the ability to be dressed up or down depending on your choice of bottoms.


For a casual day time look, style with the Mae Pants. These pants are also great for lounging around the house with your little one or even packing in your hospital bag. They have a soft elastic waistband which will be soft against your tummy after birth and are also high enough to sit over C-sections. These are 100% linen with a relaxed wide leg and also feature side pockets. 

For a more dressy look, style with the Julia Skirt. Still practical (and includes deep pockets… great for all of the little bits and pieces you’ll be carrying around with you as a mamma). This style is an a-line maxi length skirt featuring an elasticated waist for comfort once again. Style this half tucked with some loafers or slides and a pair of simple earrings. 

Only One Over Shirt

The Only One Over Shirt is one of our most versatile. Wear over low cut shirts/tanks for easy breastfeeding access and have either open or tied for a dressy look. While feeding if you want to be more discreet, you can use this as a covering over baby by draping forward instead of a muslin. 


This over shirt is beautiful in summer paired with the Day To Night Skirt, thoughtfully designed to sit comfortably on any body shape and height with a modest approach to the ‘mini skirt’ style. This skirt also has a half elasticated waistband for more comfort. 

Any Day Shacket

The Any Day Shacket another layering piece that is really good as a versatile cover-up while breastfeeding if you feel uncomfortable in a public setting. It’s a perfect layering piece to work with any outfit, for every season.


It would work beautifully with our dresses. You may be thinking, how are the dresses BF friendly? Since they don’t look easy to shimmy but… since our pieces are made to order, we can also add easy breastfeeding access. How incredible is that?! When feeding, comfort is key but you also need to feel good within yourself and confident in your appearance.

I hope these core pieces and styling advice has helped you and have aided you to find and invest in quality pieces which you can keep in your wardrobe to grow with you.


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