Clothing is my form of therapy.

Clothing is my form of therapy.

By Liv Young | Founder of LILA by Liv 

Ever since I was a little girl, clothing and putting outfits together has always been an emotional outlet for me. Clothing speaks to my soul, it's the way in which I express myself without having to speak. What I wear, heavily influences how I feel and vice versa. 

I guess you could say that clothing is a form of therapy for me. If I am feeling anxious, a soft fabric draping against my skin can calm me down. If I am needing a boost of confidence, a beautifully fitting dress is the perfect remedy. The act of dressing is powerful, and so is the act of investing into the clothing that brings this power. Which is why I created LILA by Liv. 

As I have grown and developed into a fashion designer, I have always been intentional about the emotion that goes into each of my designs. Really connecting with the why behind the garment. My mission is to create clothing that speaks to the individual and makes them feel the best version of themselves. 

Crafting a garment is such a special and gifted experience which is mostly taken for granted now, especially with mass production. But as a small brand, I really love the connection that I get to have with each piece that I make. When I am sewing, I take time to think about how the garment will feel on the body and what emotion that will evoke for the wearer. I think about how great they are going to feel when they wear it, and that brings me so much joy. 

LILA garments are designed to encourage positivity, confidence and a sense of security in yourself. LILA garments set you up for success, they give you that much needed boost when you get dressed in the morning. 

I didn't create LILA by Liv to make money. I created it to make a positive and significant impact on those who I encounter my designs. 


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