What even is a capsule wardrobe? / Our top 5 pieces you can't live without.

What even is a capsule wardrobe? / Our top 5 pieces you can't live without.

Written by Jahna Barraclough. 

Are you finding it hard to figure who you are in the fashion world? Does your style often change with the wind? 

We want to help you go back to the basics. LILA by Liv is here to provide you with pieces that you can love and wear for a really long time. Our aim is to help you create the perfect capsule wardrobe, where you can invest in garments that you truly love. 

Capsule wardrobes are made up of pieces that can be worn together in multiple ways. Your capsule wardrobe is built on garments that are quality pieces. At LILA by Liv we stand by sustainability. We create garments that are made to be timeless and never go out of style, making our range perfect to incorporate into your wardrobe.

Since building up my own capsule wardrobe I find it a lot simpler getting ready in the morning and don’t have to worry anymore about staring into a black hole of a million clothes and feeling like “I have nothing to wear”. And even though my wardrobe selection is a lot smaller than it used to be, I feel like I have more outfit choices than before. 

When buying from LILA by Liv, I know that all of the pieces I get will be interchangeable and compliment each other at any time.So,  here’s a run down of our top LILA picks.

Forever Fave Top

This is the perfect wardrobe staple. Everyone needs a classic black top.



We love the neckline. It is a bit more interesting than a simple scoop neck and has the capability to be dressed up or down.

The LILA Crew 

Comfort! I think we can all agree this is key in any wardrobe.


A must. The Lila Crew can be worn casually around the house, to the gym or also has the capability of being paired with a skirt or dress pants for an occasion.

Mae Pant

These will see you through any occasion, whether it’s the beach on a beautiful summer day or going out for dinner with a nice dressy top.


These pants are also perfect for winter layered with a trench. You can even sneakily wear some tights underneath if it’s super chilly out (noone will know… promise I won’t tell).


Maggie Shirt

Feminine, interesting and classic.


We have made the Maggie shirt with elasticated sleeves for a slight difference to your classic linen shirt. This not only looks beautiful but is super practical if you’re wanting to push your sleeves up and have a puffy look. 

Lillian Dress

The Lillian Dress can be worn for any occasion.

You may think that a dress isn’t a great piece for the versatility of a capsule wardrobe. Let me stop you there. Layering is your best friend. Layer with an under shirt like a turtle neck or short sleeve tee. 

The style is just gorgeous, featuring a fitted top and gathered tiers to fall to flatter any body shape.

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