Made to Order - What are the benefits?

Made to Order - What are the benefits?

Over the last couple of years, the 'made to order' production process has grown more and more popular, with consumers becoming more conscious of how much they are buying. This production method formed the base of LILA by Liv, with the goal of encouraging thoughtful shopping and decreasing fabric waste.

So, with this said, what actually are the main benefits of investing in a 'made to order' service?

Significant decrease in fabric waste

We hold fabric in-stock especially for 'made to order' pieces, so when you pre-order a garment, we cut directly from the roll. This means that each piece we make has a purpose, and if a specific fabric or colour doesn't get chosen, we still have the opportunity to use it for something else as it remains on the roll.

You have the opportunity to customise what you are ordering

If you love a particular style but wish to change the sleeve length or the colour of the stitching, you have the ability to do so when you pre-order. This way, you can have a personalised piece that means a little bit more to you and you can get something different to what others have.

The garment you order can be made to fit your specific measurements

Once you have selected the piece that you would like to pre-order, you will be asked to input some body measurements. This ensures that we can get the right fit, and if you would like an aspect of the garment to fit differently, this is your opportunity to make that clear. For example, if you are a particular height and sometimes struggle getting dresses that are the right length, you can write down the exact length measurement that you desire and we can make it happen!

A strong relationship between you and the brand that you are purchasing from

When you pre-order or custom order a piece, we work closely with you to make sure it is exactly what you want. This means strong communication from us about the fit, length, colour and we will also keep you updated when it is being made. We hope that through this process you feel valued, heard and encouraged.
You cherish your 'made to order' pieces a lot longer as they are made just for you
We believe that any piece you custom order will be cherished a lot longer than anything else in your wardrobe, as so much thought and investment goes into each piece so that when you wear it, you are reminded of how special it is.
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