Choose to shop slow | Change the narrative

Choose to shop slow | Change the narrative

Moving fast and shopping fast, it has to stop. As consumers in 2022, we are encouraged by social media and the fast fashion industry to constantly be consuming new product in order to stay relevant. 

LILA by Liv is here to change that narrative. We encourage thoughtful investment, mindful spending and have a slower production process. Our pieces are made with purpose, to serve a purpose. Our designs surpass fleeting trends and are intended to last in your wardrobe for a really long time. We want to help you build a wardrobe that you can love now, but also love just as equally in 10 years time. 

Made To Order / Made for YOU

By providing you with a mostly 'made to order' service, you are given the opportunity to make sure that what you are ordering really works for you. You have the chance to customise garment lengths according to your height, you can request different stitching details and you can even in put your measurements so that we can create a piece perfectly for your body. LILA by Liv is dedicated to crafting and producing garments that work for you and with you. 

Season-less and Timeless / Meaningful, long-lasting collections 

We are not following along the same path as most other brands, we are not creating endless collections for every single season. Our collections are based around creating styles that can be worn any time of year and for any occasion. By using natural fibres and classic silhouettes, we believe our garments don't just fit into one single season. They are made for LIFE. 

Understated femininity / Classic silhouettes with a twist 

For every new design, we keep every silhouette as minimal and classic as possible. Ensuring that each garment can be worn by anyone and work for any 'body' and any style category. We enhance our simple silhouettes with details such as interesting pockets, curved seam lines, contrast stitching and beautiful fabrications. 

Written by founder, director and creator Liv Jordan. 


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