• The Ultimate Styling Package

    This 2 hour foundational styling session will set you up for success with your existing wardrobe. Together, we will discover your true personal style, analyse your colour palette and identify the staple silhouettes that form the base of your everyday style!

    This session includes: 

    Discovering your key styling words: A discussion about your preferences, lifestyle, and fashion inspirations. We will identify the elements and aesthetics that resonate with you, helping you pinpoint your unique personal style.

    Colour palette analysis: Understanding your best colour palette is crucial in building a versatile wardrobe. This analysis will cover the colours that best suit your skin tone, eye color, and hair color to determine which colors complement you best. They'll guide you in choosing clothing in shades that make you look your best.

    Identifying Staple Silhouettes: We will identify the core clothing silhouettes that suit your body type and personal style. These staples will form the foundation of your everyday wardrobe, making it easier for you to mix and match pieces. 

    Outfit Planning: Using your key staples from your existing wardrobe, we will create some ‘go to’ outfits which will make getting dressed super easy for you. This section will cover how to accessorise, layer, or modify outfits for different occasions. This knowledge will help you become more confident in expressing your style. We will create about 7-10 ‘go to’ looks. 

    Personal Style Guide Booklet:
    After our session together, you will receive a personalised Style Guide with everything that we covered in the styling session. This will be a valuable resource for you where you can go back to refresh your mind and continue to embrace your personal style everyday. 

    In Person Session | $200

    Video Call Session | $150

  • The Intro Styling Package

    This 1 hour session is designed to help you style those 'how to wear' pieces in your wardrobe. Maybe they are new additions or pieces that you've loved for years but just don't know what to do with them. Together, we will figure out how to make them work for you. It is recommended to choose just 2-3 'how to' pieces per session.

    This session includes:

    Identifying the style words: We will chat through the different pieces and identify which of your key style words apply. We will also discuss the reasons behind each purchase and what purpose they have in your wardrobe. Then, we can start to establish how you can wear each piece.

    Styling Formula: Creating a style formula will make styling these 'how to' pieces much easier for you. This is something you can implement into your everyday dressing routine as well.

    Outfit Planning: This is where we start to curate outfits that include your 'how to' pieces. We will test and trial with your existing wardrobe, and photograph each look. We will create about 5 looks with each 'how to' piece.

    Outfit Look-book: After our session, you will be provided with a personal look-book which will showcase all of the outfits we put together. This booklet will also feature the styling formula and other tips we discussed in the session. You will receive this via email after the session.

    In Person Session | $150

    Video Call Session | $100

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