Our Mission

We create garments that serve a purpose.

LILA by Liv is for the slow fashion lovers and the effortless dreamers.

We design with simplicity and functionality in mind, whilst keeping a sense of elegance and femininity.

Our collections consist of timeless and classic silhouettes which surpass fleeting trends. Our mission is to create beautiful fashion pieces which stand the test of time in your wardrobe.

We create each piece slowly and thoughtfully in Wellington, New Zealand. We give employment to local creatives and strive to make as little impact on the environment as possible.

About the Founder

Olivia (Liv) Young founded LILA by Liv in 2020, whilst finishing her Bachelor of Design degree at Massey University.  Liv majored in Fashion Design and graduated with her degree in 2021 with First Class Honours.

All collections are designed and created in Wellington by Liv and her tight-knit creative team.

Liv is extremely passionate about changing the narrative of how we shop and invest in our wardrobes. Liv wanted to create a fashion label which would encourage customers to shop thoughtfully and build long-lasting, sustainable wardrobes.

Liv's ultimate goals for LILA by Liv are:

- Creating effortless pieces which are easy and comfortable to wear

- Encouraging the wearer to feel confident in their own body

- Having minimal impact on the environment through small batch production and made-to-order processes

- Using natural materials which feel good on the body and are made to last

Sustainable Practices

Made from Thoughtful Materials.

Our fabrics are sourced locally from a selection of New Zealand owned fabric stores.

All garments are created using thoughtful or natural fabrics that are comfortable to wear and have minimal environmental impact.

Any remnant materials are used to create smaller accessories or recycled in a respectful way.

Currently, our threads are polyester, as that is the strongest and most durable option that is accessible to us. However, as we progress as a business we hope to find a more eco-friendly option.

Made to Order Process

When ordering from our website, most styles are made-to-order. Meaning, your garment will only be created once you have finalised your purchase. This allows us to use our fabric, trims and resources mindfully and without waste.

Small Batch Production

When creating pre-made collections, we thoughtfully plan them out and only produce in small quantities to avoid excess fabric waste.


Just like everyone else, we are still learning and changing. As LILA by Liv continues to grow, there will be more updates on how our sustainable practices are going.