• The Full Wardrobe Edit

    Within this Full Wardrobe Edit, we will curate and re-organise your wardrobe in a way that works for you. I will edit your existing pieces, de-cluttering along the way and help you discover your true personal style. We will also discuss how to consciously invest back into your wardrobe in a positive and impactful way.

    This session includes:

    De-clutter cleanse: To begin, I will help you categorise the staple pieces in your wardrobe and remove the items which are not working for you.

    Categorise & de-clutter: With the items that we remove, we will go through the categorising process to decide what stays to be styled, what needs mending and what gets sold/donated.

    Discovering your key styling words: A discussion about your preferences, lifestyle, and fashion inspirations. We will identify the elements and aesthetics that resonate with you, helping you pinpoint your unique personal style.

    Outfit Planning & 'How To' Styling: Once we have cleansed your wardrobe, we will create some ‘go to’ outfits which will make getting dressed super easy for you. This section will cover how to accessorise, layer, or modify outfits for different occasions. We will create about 10-15 ‘go to’ looks to photograph.

    'Dear Wardrobe' Personal Guide: After our session together, you will receive a personalised wardrobe guide, with everything that we covered in our editing session. This will be a valuable resource for you where you can go back to refresh your mind and continue to embrace your personal style everyday.

    In Person Session (3 hours) | $350

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