Finding + Defining Your Personal Style

  1. Analyse what is already in your wardrobe 

+ Identify your most worn pieces

By looking at what you already own, you quickly begin to see what styles, shapes + silhouettes you are drawn to. This is a good starting point because it gives you a solid foundation for building the rest of your wardrobe and gives you an idea of what you do/don’t need. I suggest that you write a small list of what you wear most and then you can figure out where the gaps are and what you need more or less of. 

2. Discover your colour palette 

Knowing what colours/tones suit you is really important as it helps refine your style further and it makes it a lot easier to shop if you know the palette of your wardrobe. It is a good idea to wear colours/tones that compliment your physical features such as your hair, eyes and skin tone. But more importantly, you should wear colours that make you happy and that you feel confident in. Once you have discovered your ultimate colour palette, you can use this as a guide for when you buy new pieces. If you stay true to this, you will find it easier to shop and you will know that everything in your wardrobe can be mixed together easily. 

3.   Understand your individual body shape + type, then discover what styles that work best for you

Identifying and embracing your body type can be quite a difficult thing, as we are all so different and this is also where self-confidence comes into play. But dressing for your body type is so important when it comes to personal style, because if you dress to compliment your body type then you will instantly feel confident and strong. Understanding your body shape + type starts with knowing what you feel most comfortable in, what types of style or fit do you like most in your clothing? Are you a lover of oversized pieces that are super comfortable? Or do you like more of a tailored/fitted style? As I said, we are all different, so just take note of what you feel best in and figure out what those styles + shapes are that work best for your body shape, size and height. 

4. Choose to embrace your personal style and dress for YOU

Sometimes it can be daunting to dress for yourself and to embrace your own style, because everyone has so many different tastes and opinions. But I encourage you, once you have completed the above stages, you will feel more encouraged to embrace your style and just wear what you love! Don’t worry about dressing to please others or wearing things because everyone else is, just dress for you and have confidence in that! Trust me, it feels so much better knowing that you are dressing for yourself and you will feel so much freedom! Just always take the time to think about how good you feel in your favourite outfits when you wear them and then remember that feeling always. 

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