From now on // An update from Liv x

As we enter the New Year of 2021, LILA by Liv is beginning to head in a slightly new direction. A more thoughtful, minimal and sustainable direction. I have been thinking a lot recently about my design position and where I stand in the market of locally made clothing. I have decided that 2021 is a year of refinement, taking more time and care to produce collections that are not only unique but also long-lasting.

Since starting this label last year, I feel as if I have rushed things a little bit to keep up with the competition around me. This is a natural thing to do, as a designer you want to get your stuff out there as quickly as possible because you are so excited! But I found that towards the end of 2020, I was beginning to feel like I should've created things more thoughtfully and slowly.

So that is what I am going to be doing from now on, taking more time to design and really think about what I want to produce. Then I will gradually build on my collections online so that you can order. I believe this new process will also give you as customers, more time to save and invest in my pieces.

Overall, most things will remain the same. You will still custom order your pieces with your measurements and still get your choice of fabric and garment detailing. In fact, you will soon have a wider range of colour/style options to choose from. I will just be taking a bit more time on my end to create beautiful things for you all, that I hope you will love for a long time to come.

I will be sharing a lot more of this process with you as it unfolds, I plan to keep this journal updated with 'BTS' posts for you all. So stay tuned!

And as always...

Much love,

Liv x

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