The Benefits of Custom Made Clothing - An Entry from Hayley James

Coming in at 5ft (okay, okay, it’s more like 4’11) fashion hasn’t necessarily been accessible for me throughout my life despite coming in at a size 6 and having a body type that is often seen in mainstream media. I remember the days of adjustable waistbands in my jeans so they would fit me around my waist and the excitement that came with the trend of rolling up the hems of our jeans cos finally it looked like I was “trendy” and not because the ends of my jeans covered my entire foot when I pulled them up to my hips. Buying clothes always ended with “oh you can roll up the sleeves” or “we can take the pants up” and I’m sure a lot of you gals can relate regardless of whether you are plus-sized, short, tall, big boobs, no boobs - no one size is a standard. You could try on all the size 6s (8s, 10s, 12s, 14, 16s..) from all the different stores in the mall and they would all fit you differently. But fashion is supposed to be fun right? It’s supposed to be about that ‘ta-daaa’ moment when we walk out in our brand new look like a tik tok transition to our friends - but sadly the reality can be a lot less fun. Fashion is a way to show our personality, but often the clothes that we want love don’t fit us how we would like, and that is where we lose our confidence. This is where Custom Made/Made to Order clothing comes in to change the game! You can have something made, literally just for YOU, so it fits you the way it should fit and you get to shortcut past the weird-ass sizing of ‘regular’ girls clothing. No more looking at sizing tags and feeling your heart sink into your shoes - with something custom made, you can just slip into a piece of clothing that makes you feel like your best self. 'What’s really so great about custom clothing? ' Fits you exactly how you want it

No matter your body type. Taking your unique measurements into account to make sure it fits your body the way you want it to. Say goodbye to the weird bagginess, or overly short or long hemlines (and oh so much more)! Customise, customise, customise!

Being able to customize a piece of clothing so it fits your style and the colour palette of your wardrobe means that it will stay in your wardrobe for a long time - the best way to be sustainable! Making sure the garment is the perfect length and fit - whether you prefer an oversized fit or something a lil more cinched, custom made means that you will be able to work it seamlessly with other pieces in your existing wardrobe. The best part of something being customised to fit you, your lifestyle, and your wardrobe is that no two pieces made will be exactly the same as someone else’s - there will always be something a lil unique about the way you rock it!

Quality materials are used

The material sourced for your garments is handpicked for its longevity, sustainability, and ease of wearing. With things that are ‘off-the-rack’, the materials are chosen for how cost-effective they are when they are going through god-knows how many industrial sewing machines a day! Choosing to get a garment custom made from a small designer means you are getting fabric that has fewer inconsistencies, is ordered in small batches so it is more sustainable (also that not many other people will be wearing the same fabric as you, bonus!) and you are likely to be supporting a local fabric business too!

Supporting a small designer

In this day and age, supporting a small business has become something that everyone and their mother is blabbing on about. But supporting a small designer by buying their custom made clothing isn’t only about the clothing, it is about the DREAM! Supporting locally handmade pieces means that local girls with big dreams can one day have their designs worn alongside the big names, making custom made fashion more accessible to everyone. And this is what LILA by Liv is all about!

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