Thoughtful Shopping on a Student Budget

The student life can be hard, especially when it comes to shopping. As a university student myself, I have learnt the power of saving and budgeting in order to still afford new goodies for my wardrobe. I thought it could be fun and helpful to share some of my top tips for shopping as a student and how to still build up your wardrobe on a budget. So let's get into to it! 

TIP ONE : Analyse your finances and set yourself a rough budget

Budgeting is key when studying as a student, especially if you are trying to balance rent, food shopping, course related costs and other living bills. Having a rough budget will help you feel more secure and on top of your finances. This will also help you prioritise the right things too, and encourage you to save more for the clothing you want to purchase. At the beginning of the year I set myself a rough budget, and I will be honest and say I haven't stuck to it as much lately. BUT, it was really helpful especially when it came to saving for certain pieces I wanted and even saving for trips and special treats. I basically get the same amount of pay from work each week, so I always transfer a certain amount to my savings and then use that to pay towards special things like a new piece of clothing or something. 

TIP TWO : Create a well-thought wish-list

As I have started to refine my wardrobe and be more mindful about what I buy, making a well-thought list has been really helpful. By creating a small list of new things you would like to add to your wardrobe, it makes you really think before you buy. This way, you are encouraged to really think about what you actually need. By writing down what you are thinking of buying makes you become more conscious of how much you're spending and makes you re-think about what you do/don't need.

TIP THREE : Save up and invest in quality items

This kind of links in with tip two and is something I have recently been trying to do more of. Instead of just buying something just because 'I felt like it', I have been consciously thinking about the key items I need and investing in the most quality version of that. I am not saying you have to buy the most expensive version, just make sure that whatever you are buying is good enough quality to be worn a lot and will last for a long time. This will be better for your finances and for the environment!

TIP FOUR : Buy second-hand or vintage

Not only is this really 'trendy' right now, it is literally the most affordable and ethical way to buy new things for your wardrobe. Buying second-hand or vintage will save you a lot of money and is actually way more fun and interesting than shopping in regular stores. Thrifting/second-hand shopping is also a great way to invest in quality or designer items at a lower price point. Also, if you are wanting to buy something that is on trend then I recommend getting it second-hand or vintage so that if you move on from it then it's not so bad as buying new.

TIP FIVE : Sell the old to buy the new

This is something I have done quite a lot in the past and it has proved really effective. If you are wanting to invest in something specific for your wardrobe or stock up on some new basics then find some things in your current wardrobe that you no longer need or want and sell them. This will help to fund your new purchases as well as clearing room in your wardrobe and giving your old clothes a new home. 

I hope these little tips have been helpful and that you feel encouraged to think smarter when shopping for your wardrobe! 

Much love, Liv x 

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