Wardrobe Organisation

I don't know about you but I just LOVE an organised and aesthetically pleasing wardrobe! Not only does it look good, it makes you feel good and helps you want to wear what you already own and shop from your own wardrobe instead of shopping un-necessarily. If we curate our wardrobes to be aesthetically pleasing and organised them in a way that draws us in, then we will be more likely to stay dedicated to our own wardrobes. I have been perfecting this idea for quite a while now and I am really happy with my current wardrobe layout. So I thought it would be fun to share my top tips for wardrobe organisation and show you how I have laid out my wardrobe for Autumn and Winter this year! 

Tip 01 : Categorise and colour code your rails

I have two little wardrobes in my room and they both have mini rails, so I use one for pants, skirts , tops and jumpers and then the other is for dresses, jackets, blazers and coats. With both rails I like to categorise them into styles and then by colour. I just find this makes creating outfits way easier when I know everything has it's place and each section is in it's own colour order. As you can see, I start with pants and then move into skirts, long sleeve tops, blouses/shirts and then cami tops. 

Tip 02 : Maximise the space you have

As I said, I have two mini wardrobes. They are both very short and shallow so there isn't much space, but I do have a shelf in one of them. Up until now, that shelf was used for holding random things and storage, but as my drawers were getting too full with my knitwear I decided to change it up. So whatever space you have, make sure you maximise it and strategically fill it. That way you will get the most out of your wardrobe and be able to fit more into it! 

Tip 03 : Arrange your folded items so you can see everything easily

I used to be guilty of just chucking stuff in my drawers and slamming them shut when they were over flowing. But for the last couple years I have re-trained myself to fold everything nicely and I've made an effort to arrange everything so I can see all my pieces clearly. I have arranged my t-shirt draw so that they're in colour piles and I know exactly what is in each pile and it starts with long sleeves on the left and goes to t-shirts then singlets. You can either roll or fold your pieces in your drawers, whatever works for you! But arrange them in a way that you can easily see what each piece is so you're not rummaging in your drawers everyday struggling to find something. 

Tip 04 : Dedicate a space to plan your outfits weekly

This is something that has actually changed my life. Since having an extra free-standing rail in my room, I have been able to use it for outfit planning. I love being able to set up the rail each week so I know exactly what I am wearing everyday and I don't have to go through my whole wardrobe to make an outfit. If you can set aside some space to plan your outfits or even a space to just display things you need to wear more then I highly recommend it! This will encourage you to shop your own wardrobe more and wear what you already own! 

So there you go! Some of my top tips for wardrobe organisation and shopping from your own wardrobe. I hope this has been helpful and encouraging. Have fun wardrobe styling! 

Much love, Liv x 

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