All LILA by Liv garments/pieces are made to order. When ordering, you will be required to select your general size and may also need to provide some personal measurements. By providing your own measurements, we are then able to alter the garments where needed so that they work perfectly for you. 


Please refer to the size chart and measuring steps below before ordering and ensure your provided measurements are in centimetres. 

Size Chart 

Measuring sleeve length

Sleeve Length:


Measure from the top of your shoulder to the point where you wish your sleeve to end.


Long-Sleeve Styles: Measure to your wrist.

Short-Sleeve Styles: Measure to just above your elbow.

Measuring bust / chest


Measure firmly around the widest part of your bust area, as pictured. 

Measuring hips + waist

Waist and Hips:


Measure firmly around the smallest part of your waist and then around the largest part of your hips. 

Garment Length:


Lengths will differ depending on the garment you are ordering and most styles have a recommended finished length. However, if needed, you can provide your own length measurement.


Dresses/Blouses/Outerwear: Measure from the top of your shoulder (as pictured) to where you'd like the garment to finish. 


Bottoms such as Pants/Skirts: Measure from your waist down to where you would like the style to finish.