Everything you see and buy from LILA by Liv is thoughtfully produced over a long period of time. I have a specific process when it comes to releasing all my designs and I would love to share it with you.

Part one is the most fun part of the entire process and involves getting creative and finding fresh inspiration. 


I mostly find inspiration from my exisiting wardrobe, thinking about what I love most and what I could recreate to be better. I also love using Pinterest and I make many moodboards! Another big source of inspiration comes from visiting new places and taking photos of cool things that I see, whether it is a building or a scenic look out or even just of a store window.

Once I have begun finding inspiration for my designs, I start searching for fabrics or textures that bring me more inspiration. 


I love to design with the fabric in mind, so I tend to find a lot of fabric samples and see what is out there before I start designing.

Finding Inspiration

Fabric Sourcing

Part three includes a lot of sketching, more moodboarding and sampling up my ideas. Usually I begin designing new pieces with a specific style or shape in mind and then I develop that idea over and over until I get an end result that I love. 


Then I create a small collection of designs that I then sample up and wear to make sure they are perfect for when I make them for you!

There is a lot of back and forth involved between parts 03 + 04, I tend to play around with a pattern for a while, sample it up and then re-tweak the pattern before making your custom pieces for real. I do love this part of the process, knowing that I am sewing for a purpose is so fulfilling!

Designing + Sampling

Creating + Making

The final part is the most exciting, packaging it up beautifully and sending your lovely pieces to you to love and wear! I always press and steam every garment before I package them up in soft tissue paper. I also use recyclable postage bags, so your pieces get to you safely!

Packing + Sending to you!